Examples of published works

Rink Outside the Box, Ottawa, Travel, Sun Herald

Ripe for the Picking, Hunter Valley Guide, Traveller, The SMH

Gaga for a goblet of bliss, Serendipity 3 New York, Travel, Sun Herald

Cross into the Twilight Zone, Destination Volterra, Travel, Sun Herald

Cold and loving it, New South Wales Snowfields, Traveller, The SMH

Renewable Galleries, Newtown Street Art, Traveller, The SMH

Roadtrippers Guide to the Galaxy, NSW Observatories, Traveller, The SMH

Hunter Valley Tourism: 2012 Ambassador Blogger

New Caledonia: Le Petite Food Paradise, Vacations and Travel Magazine

Islands of Blue, Maldives Round Up, Vacations and Travel Magazine

Harbour without the Hordes, Sydney Harbour Activity Guide,Vacations and Travel Magazine

Bodrum, Playground of the Rich and Famous, Luxury Travel Magazine

Tropical Treasure, Aboard the Rhapsody of the Seas to QLD,  Mindfood Magazine


Lisa Perkovic is an Australian travel writer and photographer who works with global new and traditional media. Her interest in art, food, culture and history has taken her to countries including Montenegro, Serbia, Romania, Portugal, America and the United Arab Emirates. She has done extensive exploration of Australia, the South Pacific and central Europe, witnessing the bizarre, beautiful and unique. Lisa continues to search for new experiences to share in words and images with the world.

Passionate travel content strategist